Seven Session Hitting Program

Out-Of-Town Players

The Seven Session Hitting Program is geared for out-of-town/state/country baseball or softball players. It is one-on-one instruction. When the player finishes, they will be using the same core mechanics as 95% of baseball’s Hall of Fame hitters. GUARANTEED!

Lessons last 60 minutes and are 1-on-1 with Jake. High-speed video will be utilized during the entire lesson. Upon completion, Jake will create a custom video annotation outlining what was covered during the lesson. Players also receive access to the online academy where they can review their video annotations in a addition to the homework drills Jake wants them to work on between lessons.

Program Overview

Epstein Hitting Individual Instruction Student 2

  • Individual, one-on-one instruction
  • TOTAL elimination of “lunging, drifting, and ‘front-foot’ hitting”
  • PROPER use of hips and lower body
  • A ‘natural’ swing tailored to put “the plane of the swing on the same plane as the pitch”
  • The hands CORRECTLY staying “inside the ball”
  • A short stride to the ball
  • Dynamic balance from stance through follow-through
  • Optimized swing for bat “speed”, bat “quickness”, and POWER with both the aluminum and wood bats
  • Minimized head movement
  • The ability to hit to all fields – with power
  • Increased confidence-building gained from learning these productive mechanics
  • Video analysis used throughout program

By the way, the Colorado Front Range is a wonderful place to vacation. Many combine the instruction with their vacations. Special hotel pricing for our hitting program’s students can be found here.