SwingAway Hitting Station


The NUMBER #1 Selling and Most Recognized Batting Station in the Top Levels of the Game of BASEBALL and SOFTBALL – The BRYCE HARPER MVP Model. Used and endorsed by Bryce Harper.

Impact Bats

Impact Bat

The Impact Bat reinforces proper hand position at contact. If you swing and miss—or hit it into the ground—then you most likely rolled your wrists too soon. When you square it up with the Impact Bat you will hit line drives.

Jugs Small-Ball Machine

Small-Ball Machine

It has been said, “The toughest thing to do in sports is hit a round ball with a round bat.” Now try it with a ball half the size! Practicing small will force hitters to focus during practice, which translates to more confidence and success when the real games start.

Jugs Lite-Flite Machine

Lite-Flite Machine

Since its introduction in 2003, 98% of all JUGS Lite-Flite® Machines sold are still in use, making it the longest-lasting, least expensive ball-throwing machine of its kind. Pitch for pitch, dollar for dollar, the JUGS Lite-Flite Machine will prove to be the best purchase you’ll make this season.